Assault by Ground


Escort the Kor'kron troops to the gates of Ymirheim. Return to Ground Commander Xutjja at the edge of the glacier north of Ymirheim for compensation after the task is complete.
Horde troops escorted to Ymirheim (4)


Greetings <class>.

Our troops have been attempting to storm Ymirheim for some time, but these vrykul are far more vicious than any we've faced before. They've been ambushing us repeatedly as we try to make it up the pass, and we've lost a lot of men.

If you want to lend yourself to the battle and help get my squad to the gates of Ymirheim safely, we will gladly reward you for your efforts. Once at the gates, we'll dig in and wait for reinforcements to catch up to us.


Also, you get: 74


Did you get some of my men up safely?


You have my thanks.

This has been a brutal operation, but we haven't had any great options otherwise - they're being equally as unforgiving to our aerial assault. We need to route these vrykul if we're going to stand any chance of pressing on in Icecrown.

We're likely to need more help later. Please lend yourself to the battle again should the chance present itself.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 2205 experience (1 32 30 at max. level)

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