Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Mulverick


Additional requirements to obtain this quest:
  • Your reputation with Netherwing must be at least Honored
Follow Wing Commander Mulverick while attempting to stay on your flying mount. Should you defeat Wing Commander Mulverick, report your victory to Ja'y Nosliw at the Dragonmaw Base Camp in Shadowmoon Valley.
Wing Commander Mulverick Defeated


Three years of blood, sweat and tears. Mostly tears... The amount of crying that a hardened soldier does when it comes down to all-out war is amazing!

"They're jumping into our tower with their horses!" "Why is their base so well defended?" "They're taking our relief hut, I'm going A.W.O.L.!"


I took the first train out of "cry-town" the minute the Dark Portal opened. Now I'm a top gun for the Dragonmaw. If you want to be top orc, you'll have to defeat me.

We go when you are ready.


Also, you get: 8 80


Mulverick is the most gifted rider I've ever seen. The only thing holding him back from the top orc spot is his recklessness.


Well it looks like it's just you and the captain now, grunt. Good luck! You're gonna need it!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 1600 experience (96 at max. level)

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